When you are trying to save your home from a tornado, flooding, whirlwinds, and so on, you must be prepared. The worst thing you can do is leave any valuable items at home. The safest thing to do is to gather your belongings, as quickly as possible. The quickest time to do this is when the danger is past, and the storm is passing. The quickest time to do this is when the danger has passed.

When deciding whether to spend your valuable time building storm shutters or buying additional food, you need to consider your neighbors storm shutters and whether you can fit in some of your things. If you do not know how many shutters to buy, be prepared to buy about 50% more than you think you need. If you have not yet built your storm shutters, get on the roof by dusk. If your home is still unsafe after all your shutters are in place, remove them.

It’s good to be prepared. It’s a good idea to rebuild your shutters, even when the danger is past.

It’s never a good idea to leave any of your valuable items at home. When you see the danger has passed, take the important items away from your home. Even when the danger has passed, it’s never a good idea to leave important items at home. When you are looking at your things, remember that these are your children. The tornado never does damage from just one storm. Wind and rain will still do some damage. They will do about 50% more damage. You do not want your kids or your pets harmed by flying debris or a broken window. If it’s safe to do so, keep flying debris out of your home.

The safest thing to do if you can do it, is to go outside when it’s safe and look at the damage done by the tornado. Sometimes, when it’s safe to go outside, it’s safe to get inside. But when it’s not safe to go outside, don’t go inside.

When you get outside, keep the tornado damage away from your children and pets.

The safest thing to do if you can’t go outside, is to look at the tornado damage. You can take pictures of tornado damage. You can call a friend or a relative and ask them to check on you. But don’t let a friend or a relative come inside. And don’t let a relative come inside if you’re not sure they can check on you.

Never go into the shelter unless you are sure you can stay inside for at least 72 hours. And never stay inside unless you’re sure you can stay outside for at least three weeks.

Once a storm is on the move, watch the wind direction. Many times, the storm is a mystery. Wind can blow in a particular direction and then blow out and suddenly it seems like the storm did not happen. Take notes of the wind direction and watch for anything out of the ordinary.